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Deactivated Skorpion vz. 61 machine pistol chambered for the .32 ACP cartridge. Comes with 20 round magazine. The stock unfolds, the magazine is removable, the trigger moves, the fire selector switch moves and stops the trigger being moved in the safe setting, the sights can be adjusted and the charging handle moves under spring pressure (see picture). A classic gun with the unusual feature of top ejection (also seen on the Star SMGs like the Z70). It is designed fire from a closed-bolt, unlike many submachine guns, which could have possibly made it a bit more accurate. Comes with EU deactivation certificate.


Comes with:


  • Holster
  • Magazine pouch (holds 2 mags - only 1 is supplied with the gun)
  • Cleaning kit in unissued condition




Skorpion vz. 61 Machine Pistol & Kit -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref. SKOR10
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