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Madsen M50 submachine gun chambered in 9mm parabellum. The Madsen uses a traditional open bolt design and was built to fire on full-auto only. It has two unique features, which are that its constructed from 2 stamped pieces of steel, which includes the pistol grip, and to fire the gun, a safety lever near the magazine well has to be gripped forward. It also has a tan leather outer to the stock which is a nice touch on a fold out stock. It has been used by various military forces, including the US Green Berets, who used it in Vietnam. In the UK, it was tested extensively for potential military use in the early 50s against the Sterling SMG. The charging handle moves under spring pressure, the mag can be detached, and the metal stock can be opened or retracted. In very good condition. Comes with UK/EU deactivation certificate. 


Madsen M50 Submachine Gun

SKU: Product Ref.: 101M50
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