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The .577/450 Martini-Henry rifle, made famous by the film 'Zulu' about Rorke's Drift. Initially there were fouling and jamming problems but a modification to the cartridge and a longer loading arm to provide more torque overcame this. This particular example is a Mk IV rifle, which has the improved / longer loading arm and was one of the Mk IVs issued to the Gurkhas. The Nepalese producted their own version, similar to the Mk II, but later were issued with British made rifles, such as this MK IV. This rifle was subsequently kept in storage in the Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Katmandu, Nepal, along with thousands of other rifles, ammunition and kukri knifes. These rifles were then all purchased by International Military Antiques (IMA) in the USA, from where they entered the collectors' market. This example has the correct Nepalese issue stamp as well as faded but still visable 'Enfield' marking, together with age-commensurate patina. A lovely historic rifle.


Section 58 (obsolete calibre) firearm requiring no FAC. 



Enfield Mk IV Martini-Henry .577/450 Rifle (Gurkha Issue)

SKU: Product Ref.: NMH577
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