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Chassepot 11mm needle fire bolt action rifle and bayonet with its scabbard. The Chassepot rifle  - officially the 'Fusil modèle 1866' - was used in the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian war and ushered in the use of bolt action rifles. The cartridge was paper rather and brass and detonated by being penetrated by a needle in the bolt when fired. Its ballistic performance made it an outstanding military rifle. The later Gras rifle was basically a Chassepot firing brass cartridges. This example has age-commensurate wear to the finish but is in very good condition for its age and retains its rubber seal in excellent condition. The bayonet and its scabbard are in excellent condition.


Section 58 (obsolete calibre) firearm requiring no FAC.

Chassepot Rifle & Bayonet

SKU: Product Ref.: CP242
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