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Deactivated Yugoslavian M56 submachine gun chambered for the 7.62 x 24 MM Tokarev cartridge.  The M56 was based on the MP40 and unlike the MP40 has a fire selector to offer semi-auto firing and the Tokarev cartridge had a higher velocity than the 9 x 19 cartridge used in the MP40. Comes with 5 mags, mag pouch, carrying strap, a bayonet with scabbard, and 5 inert rounds. The charging handle moves under spring pressure and can be placed in the safe slot, the trigger moves, the safety moves, the sights can be adjusted and the stock unfolds. Comes with UK/EU deactivation certificate. 

M56 (Post War MP40) Submachine Gun with Kit -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 111M56
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