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Deactivated CZ "Z" pistol chambered in 6.35mm (.25 ACP). Cocks, dry-fires and field-strips. Comes with 1 inert cartridge with unstruck primer. Some pitting to the slide and frame (see photos). 


The "Z" pistol followed on from the "Duo" (DUsek of Opocno)  which was in turn inspired by the Browning 1906 pocket pistol. The "Duo" was manufactured by Dusek of Opocno from 1926 to 1949 . When the Nazis invaded the designer refused to co-operate but they produced his pistol in their now Nazi controlled factory. Then the communist regime took over production and produced this as the "Z" pistol.


Supplied with its Birmingham Proof House deactivation certificate. Conditions apply (see T & Cs).



CZ "Z" Pistol

SKU: Product Ref.: B323564
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