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Vintage .22 / 6mm top-venting starting pistols by Webley and Rohm. 


A nice unusual addition to a gun collection. 


The magzine is inserted into a square shaped opening at the front of the pistol (with the exception of the Webley 'Sprint') with the squared end facing the rear of the gun. The rounded end of the magazine faces forward and has a small groove to put your finger nail in to pull it out. When fired, the magazine moves through the pistol and a flap above the pistol grip opens as it exits. All except 'The Sprint' have a fold-out finger guard in front of the trigger guard. To clean the gun, you just put your thumb on the rear flap (for the front-loading guns) and press down for it to flip open. 


4 pistols are available.


Rohm RG2. With safety catch.


Webley Mark 3 (brown pistol grips). 


Webley (black pistol grips). Slightly more worn that the Rohm and the Webley Mark 3. 


'The Sprint' by Webley. This pistol loads from a magazine inserted into the pistol grip but the magazine is missing. With safety catch. 


VCR Act applies.



Vintage Starting Pistols SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 101ROWEB
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