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This .38 is a great addition to any collection of revolvers. Gun makers in the Basque country made a number of revolvers based on Smith and Wesson guns to supply to the French military and Orbea Hermanos was one of these. This revolver is very similar to the Smith and Wesson .38 M and P (Military and Police) but has the benefit of a hammer spur that is wider than the rest of the hammer, which made it easier to cock in single action mode. It has a lanyard ring on the grip. The cylinder indexes when the trigger is pulled. There is age related wear to the bluing and some pitting on the metalwork. A small patch of bluing is missing from the cylinder (see pictures). Comes with EU deactivation certificate. 

Orbea (Smith and Wesson Inspired) .38 Revolver -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 105OR
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