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Unnamed pinfire revolver chambered for 9 MM pinfire cartridges with fold-up trigger. Engraved frame and cylinder with chequered grips. When (dry-) fired its hammer aligns perfectly with the pin slots in the cylinder as it indexes clockwise. After each trigger pull, the trigger needs to be pushed up til there is a click and then it is ready to operate the hammer and index the cylinder again (the trigger return spring doesn't operate any more). The double-action is fine but on single action the hammer pull moves the trigger down from the folded position but it doesn't fire. It still has its extractor rod, which is still straight and unbent. It has a more modern round barrel rather than the older octagonal barrels. 3.5 inch barrel and 21.5 CM overall in length. Surface rusting to the barrel and chambers. Obsolete calibre so can be purchased without a licence. A nice vintage and inexpensive revolver in overall good condition to add to your collection. 

Pinfire Revolver --- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 1019PR
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