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Deactivated Pattern 1914 ( or 'P14') .303 rifle. The P14 was contracted to Vickers during the First World War but subsequently contracted to Remington, Winchester and Eddystone in the US to manufacture and ship to Britain. With a 5 round mag it couldn't produce the volume of fire of the SMLE but it was more accurate and so was used as a sniper rifle. 


This is nice example of this historical First World War rifle used by the British Army, with this example being made by Reminington. This rifle cocks, dry-fires and the bolt can be removed. Supplied with its Birmingham Proof House deactivation certificate. Conditions apply (see T & Cs). 


Remington Pattern 1913 bayonet also available - see 'Grenades and Bayonets'.


Remington Pattern 1914 (P14) .303 Rifle

SKU: Product Ref.: 432519
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