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The M53 was the Yugoslavian post-war development of the highly effective German MG 42 general purpose machine gun. The M53 is near-identical to the MG 42, being built with the same German machinery used to make the MG 42 and retaining the 7.92 x 57 Mauser cartridge. Deactivated to UK/EU spec it has a moving charging handle under spring pressure, moving trigger, the bi-pod folds down, the ammo loading plate opens up and an (inert) ammo belt can be loaded into place. Inert ammo belt for illustrative purposes (available to buy separately). Comes with UK/EU deactivation certificate. 


We also have in stock:


  • Two 50-round belts of 7.92 inert ammo with genuine Waffenamt steel links. Available separately for £85 each
  • A genuine  MG34  / MG 42 drum mag stamped 'bxt 1941' for £95
  • M53 cleaning kits, available seperately for £40

M53 (MG 42) General Purpose Machine Gun -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 10311M53GPMG
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