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Deactivated British-made Mark II Bren Gun, manufactured in 1943 and chambered for .303. Manufactured by the Monotype Group, indicated by the M67 stamp on the receiver. Daimler made the body assemblies.  Can be cocked, dry-fired and field-stripped.  Supplied with its Birmingham Proof House deactivation certificate. As an old spec deact, conditions apply (see T & Cs). 


Comes with:


  • 2 mags
  • 5 inert .303 rounds


Also available:


  • Extra Bren mags (£8 each)
  • Spare barrel (£120)

1943 Monotype (Daimler) MK II Bren Gun With 2 Mags & Inert Rounds -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: U1908
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