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Deactivated matching numbers 1911A1 .45 automatic pistol manufactured under licence from Colt by FMAP as the M1927 .45 automatic pistol for the Argentinian CFS (secret police - Consejo Federal de Seguridad - Federal Internal Security). Deactivated in 2000 it cocks, dry-fires and strips. In good condition. Supplied with its London Proof House deactivation certificate.  Conditions apply (see T & Cs). 


Comes with:


  • 2 mags (the original with the serial number on the base plate and a 2nd spare mag)
  • 2 inert .45 ACP inert rounds


Also available: 


  • Extra inert .45 ACP inert rounds (£1.25 each)
  • US Army 1911 mag pouch (£50) (see 'Mags, Holsters and Ammo')

1911A1 .45 Automatic Pistol **Matching Numbers**

SKU: Product Ref.: 81430
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