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Colt military M16 A1 assault rifle chamberd in 5.56 NATO. Has moveable 3 position selector switch, detachable 30 round magazine, moving charging handle under spring pressure, the dust cover opens when the charging handle is pulled, moving trigger (but no dry fire as EU spec), moveable sight aperture, moving forward assist, opening port in the stock for a cleaning kit, and the rifle can break open (by pressing out a pin by the selector switch). As with most deactivated M16s from this period, the underside of the front plastic handguard has very small splits underneath. A great modern classic assault rifle which has been in military service. Comes with UK/EU deactivation certificate.


Supplied with:


  • 1965 military sling in unissued condition and still in its original packaging


  • 3 spare unissued 30 round magazines, still in their original military packaging


  • Bipod


  • 5 inert rounds which can be loaded into the mag and the mag with these rounds can load into the rifle.




M16 A1 Assault Rifle with Kit -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 110M16A1
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