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Deactivated Breda 8 x 59 mm Model 37 (M37) medium / heavy machine gun. Used by the Italians from 1936 and then during and after the Second World War. Built for a 9 man crew, with 3 operating the machine gun and 6 suppling the feed strips. A 'darn good machine gun', that is 'the Italian equivalant to the Browning 1919A4' according to 'Forgotten Weapons'. The trigger button and safety move, the charging handle moves and the top cover lifts up. The feed strip can be inserted and the rounds face down when loading.


Comes with:


  • ammo box in very good condition for its age


  • 12 feed strips


  • 20 inerts (loaded onto a feed strip)


Ideal for the machine gun collector or as a serous man cave accessory! 


Supplied with its UK / EU deactivation certificate from the Birmingham Proof House. 

Breda M37 Medium - Heavy Machine Gun & Kit

SKU: Product Ref.: 1125
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