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Deactivated Australian L2 A1 heavy-barrelled version of the classic L1 A1 Self-Loading Rifle which has a British Army broad arrow stamp - it's seen some service! The serial number indicates 1965 production.  L2 A1s were used by the Australians in the Vietnam war.  The bolt hold-open is manually applied and the bolt hold-open catch works on this example. Deactivated in 1998 it cocks, dry-fires, strips and still has its gas piston and spring (see photos).  When the selector is put in the 'A' position, the bolt can be pulled back without locking while the trigger is pulled back, showing it retained its full-auto capacity. Both 30 and 20 round mags were used with these and this example comes with one of each. Supplied with its deactivation certificate. Conditions apply (see T & Cs). 


Comes with:


  • Sling
  • 30 round and 20 round mags

Australian L2 A1 (Heavy-Barrelled L1A1 SLR) -- SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 1032838FALLMG
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