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AKM (modified / updated AK47) assault rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39. The classic version with a wooden fixed stock. The charging handle moves under spring pressure, the trigger moves, the selector switch moves and in the safe setting stops the trigger moving, and the sights can be adjusted. Can be partially stripped too with the gas tube being removable as well. The dust cover comes off and the spring can be removed. Comes with EU deactivation certificate. A classic addition to any assault rifle collection.


Comes with:


  • Izmash 'Bakelite' (glass reinforced polymer) magazine. 
  • Steel ribbed magazine
  • Cleaning rod in unissued condition
  • Cleaning kit in unissued condition. Stores in a port in the stock. 


Can also be supplied with:


  • AKM leather magazine pouch (£25 each)
  • AKM canvas magazine pouch (£15 each)
  • Extra steel magazines (£25 each)
  • RG 42 inert grenades (£20 each)
  • Training cartridges (20 in a box) (£10 per box of 20)

AKM (AK47) Assault Rifle with Bakelite Mag, Steel Mag, Cleaning Kit & Rod--SOLD

SKU: Product Ref.: 102AKM
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